Our Home

Sometimes, you just need to do something for the fun of it.

I started this business because I love people, photography, and creating community through new relationships. I have loved taking photos of people's special days, raw moments and memories in my life and those around me. All of these things are wonderful, but somewhere along the way I lost my deep, deep passion for photography. I stopped picking up the camera because I wanted to and created a mentality of "having" to shoot this or that. I began to place unrealistic expectations on myself. I'm slowly relearning why I fell in love with photography and reminding myself of the reasons why I started Rachel Beth Photography. Love what you are doing and if you don't, ask yourself why. Make sure your heart is in whatever you are doing, it's worth it. 

PS: Check out this adorable house I'm living in for the summer. I live with some rad girls. They keep life interesting, full of joy, and very colorful ha