"Closure is the art of bringing to a satisfactory conclusion the passage of life through which we have just passed. Closure enables us to move from one passage of life to another without carrying burdens of guilt and false expectations. It allows us to build on previous experiences rather than camping in the emotional fog of past memories." -Peter Jordan

I wish I could say I have found closure, but I haven't. Not yet. These last five months have been full of new experiences, love, & growth. On a deeper lever, I have fallen in love with another country, remarkable individuals, the diverse Body of Christ & our relentlessly personal Heavenly Father. Although it's been a challenge coming back to America, I am determined to not let something so beautiful turn into something that cultivates sorrow or bitterness. Closure will come, it's just a matter of time.

Through these photos I want to invite you into my home away from home. Where I met God in a beautiful place and had incredible people by my side the whole way.